About Us

Powers Distributing was started in 1939 and is currently owned and operated by company president’s Robert and John Powers.

Currently, Powers Distributing has over 250 employees and 45 trucks managing 85 brands through 30 different supplier relationships.

To meet challenges and take advantage of market opportunities, Powers Distributing turns to its advisory and planning board with expertise in business, law, and finance.

The delivery employees of Powers Distributing are a blend of seasoned veterans and men just beginning their careers in the beer business. Our delivery department has a combined total of 853 years in the business for an average of over sixteen years! Regardless of the length of service all of them have the necessary skills and customer service etiquette to help grow your business. Powers Distributing also uses the latest routing software to provide the most efficient and customer friendly delivery routes possible.

The fleet at Powers is second to none in the beer industry. We meet and surpass the tough standards set by the Miller Brewing Company and completely refurbish our delivery trailers at least every four years. In 2009 Powers Distributing decided to “go green” by becoming the first beverage wholesaler in the U.S. to purchase 15 hybrid route tractors. In 2010 five more were put into service.

We service Oakland and Macomb counties in Michigan.