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Report Shows Mid-Year Growth for Craft Brewers

Both dollar sales and volume of beer sold by craft brewers is up during the first half of 2011. Volume is up 14% while dollar sales are up 15%! Other great news is that the Brewers Association reports that the industry is providing for more than 100,000 jobs  which is great for the economy. "Craft brewers continue to innovate and brew beers of excellent quality," noted Paul Gatza, director of the Brewers Association. "America's beer drinkers are rapidly switching to craft because of the variety of flavors they are discovering.

Take a Tour of the Brooklyn Brewery

Next time you're on vacation or happen to be in New York, go for a tour of Brooklyn Brewery. Groups of beer enthusiasts, tourists and all sorts of thirsty people stop by the brewery ever day to tour. During the weeknight tours are by reservation and limited to 25 people. You will experience a tasting of different beers as well as a tour of the facility then be able to drink some pints! Friday's Happy Hour is from 6-11PM and free tours on Saturday & Sunday! 

Fun, Crafty Way to Celebrate IPA Day!

As long as you have a printer and scissors you can make your very own IPA Day Fold -a-Book! Beer School has created this book and it's full of information you can take with you while drinking and celebrating today! Test your friends knowledge and see how they do! Hoppy IPA Day everyone! Download a PDF version of the book here!