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More Evidence that Youth Drinking Declines

Just-released data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows declines across the board in "current drinking" among 12-20 yr-olds compared to 2009 findings. That included modest drop-offs, from 13% to 12.4% among 14-15 yr-olds, and a more significant decline among 16-17 yr-olds from 26.3% to 24.6%. All current drinking rates are significantly lower than in 2002. Also, the binge drinking rate among 12-20 yr-olds declined from 20.5% to 19.8% among underage males, and from 15.5% to 14% among underage females.

Pyramid Hefeweizen

Pyramid Brewery opened in 1984 under the name of Hart Brewing Company. In 1993, Hefeweizen is born. Unfiltered and brewed with over 60% malted wheat, this full-bodied beer outdoes the 50% Bavarian tradition, and remains their biggest star.This refreshingly unfiltered wheat ale delivers a distinctively smooth flavor worth sharing with friends.