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Cooking with Beer Contest Winner....

And the winner is…. Superior Stout Chocolate Soufflé with Stout Infused Crème Anglaise by Jami Farkas! Cooking with beer as an ingredient in food in on an increase, you can tell just by watching your favorite cooking show, so we decided to have a contest of our own! Jami, who writes a food blog of her own, http://cobaltkitchen.blogspot.com, decided to work with a Michigan made beer for this recipe.

Cider Week is Fast Approaching!

Do you enjoy drinking hard ciders? I know we do! Well, the week of October 16 – 23rd is Cider Week! With so many varieties of cider, you could have a different one every day to celebrate! We suggest you try some Uncle John’s, Strongbow, Woodpecker and Woodchuck Cider! You can find more information on all of these using our Beer Finder tab. Click here to learn more and “Join the Hard Cider Revival.”   

Which is better: Miller Lite, Bud Light or Coors Light?

It seems everyone has an answer to this question. Eric Asimov of The New York Times Magazine, recently took on the challenge of a taste-off between these three beers. He starts with a quick analysis of each beer's marketing strategy, noting that the secret to success seems to be cold-activated cans. When it comes right down to the tasting, Asimov concludes that Coors Light is certainly cold as its label claims. Bud Light he found to be bitter and tasteless. Miller Lite the "clear winner" seemed "robust by comparison". Just for kicks Asimov threw in Michelob Ultra as a fourth contestant.

More Chefs Are Starting To Cook With Beverages

Right now I can think of some restaurants that already use beverages to flavor a special dish. A new report released by Technomic has researched menus to find that more and more independent restaurants are starting to do the same. Dishes are starting to be cooked in innovative ways which uses beverages as a primary ingredient.“Using soda or beer as part of the preparation adds casualness to the dish, even when the proteins or other ingredients are uncommon.

Have your Own Oktoberfest!

Did you know that the beer legend known as Oktoberfest has kicked off in Munich, Germany? Yes the Marzen beer juggernaut that features massive beer tents, a ceremony for the first keg tapped and of course amazing beers, has attracted people from all corners of the globe. After all who wouldn’t want to join in the fun?