Promoting Responsibility in our Community

Powers Distributing recognizes that, despite state laws prohibiting people under the age of 21 from drinking alcohol, some minors still choose to drink illegally. Powers Distributing and its many suppliers strongly oppose illegal underage drinking, and for decades have played an active role by teaming with parents and educators to implement programs that help prevent underage access and illegal underage drinking. 

Members of the National Beer Wholesalers Association are leaders in their communities as small business owners, civic activists, parents, religious leaders and philanthropists. As such, the 92,000 men and women of the beer wholesaling industry know that they are their own best advocates when it comes to eliminating illegal underage purchase and consumption of licensed beverages and drunk driving.

The integrity behind promoting responsible and moderate consumption is only as strong as the persons advocating these invaluable social and cultural messages.

Beer wholesalers play a vital role in their communities by sponsoring a vast array of programs that promote responsible consumption. The programs range from providing free taxi rides home for restaurant patrons who do not have a designated driver, to sponsoring alcohol-free after prom events and producing educational materials to help parents talk to their children about illegal underage drinking.

Wholesalers also promote alcohol education initiatives that bring guest speakers into local schools and community centers. These are guest speakers who have made mistakes about alcohol, but have lived to retell their story and encourage others not to make the same mistakes.

Working with their brewer partners, the families who distribute America’s beverage help ensure that the products they provide are consumed moderately and responsibly only by those of legal drinking age.